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* Due to its wide audience, we utilize YouTube for the purpose of reaching the lost, and encouraging & strengthening the brethren; however we advise caution due to the unpredictable and unassociated content and advertisements that maybe inappropriate, graphic, and not apart this ministry.

We pray that you will find these videos encouraging, inspiring, & edifying

Videos Of Street Evangelists Handing Out Gospel Tracts

When handing President Obama Million Dollar Gospel tracts in Washington, D.C., people tend to come back for more & also pick them up from off of the ground:

These Gospel tracts are available at Living Waters Publications.

When handing President Obama Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts in Washington DC, people tend to come back for more. These tracts are available at Custom Tract Source:

Video Examples of Street Preaching At A Festival

When doing street preaching at festival, the public streets, although the streets maybe blocked off, they are still public. The First Amendment currently allows us to proclaim the Gospel on the street corners. There are noise ordinances, although most are infringements on our rights and there was a recent court ruling that having noise ordinances that prohibit "unnecessary noise," as well as sounds that "annoy" or "disturb" others is unconstitutional. Please see the press release by The Rutherford Institute. Also, we try not block traffic and try to be as courteous as possible. Please see the following examples of some street preaching at festivals:

Videos Of Street Preachers Dealing With Hecklers

When heckled by hecklers wielding Vuvuzelas (plastic horns), stay positive while looking to God for strength, peace, and the right words to say. But in any case, the hecklers are making a scene and drawing a crowd, so not only will the hecklers hear the Gospel, so will the crowd they are drawing. Stay positive and boldly proclaim the Gospel, and rest in God to cause the growth in the seeds planted. God is mighty to save; God's arm is not short; neither is His ear heavy, that it cannot hear.

"I'd rather have people hate me with the knowledge that I tried to save them." ~ Keith Green

Video Examples Of Engaging Hecklers and Responding To Questions

Remember that priority number one is proclamation of the Gospel. Hecklers help to draw a larger crowd, so that more can hear the Gospel, and by engaging the heckler and also by taking and responding to questions, you will be able to proclaim the Gospel for longer periods of time, to more people, and also numerous times. In these videos below, you will see / hear the street preacher repeat the questions and comments so that others may hear it. If you do not repeat the question, to some standing in the crowd or walking by, it would appear as two people arguing, so repeat the question so it can be heard and also because there will always be some that have the same question or doubt. Also, it's not about winning the debate or who is right, but that Gospel is proclaimed clearly and plainly. Every response you have to every question or comment should be tied to Jesus Christ, the purpose the Cross, and or the Gospel.

Video Example Of Handling Objections To Street Evangelism and Street Preaching

Some Christians, or least those that identify themselves as Christians, may try to get you stop in one way or another. They mention effectiveness, friendship evangelism, or simply state that it is wrong. Simply ask them "how someone get's to Heaven?" Whatever their response, which is usually wrong, point to all the people walking by and say "don't you think they need to hear that?" Some will logically see that you are right, and may thank you or congratulate you; as a true servant of Jesus Christ, just simply tell them something that you are not doing this for yourself, but that some might be saved. Sometimes, the 'Christian' will continue and say that you are right to share the Gospel, but that you are doing it the wrong way. Hinting at friendship evangelism or letting people see that you are Christian by your actions, and maybe they will talk to you because you are different. The problem with any method that does not tell the Gospel is that them seeing that you are Christian, and if possible seeing that you are the best Christian ever, cannot save them. Nor can the best friendship you could ever have with them, can save them. Moreover, what if you don't have tomorrow? You or perhaps them can be in a tragic car accident this very night. Granted you may be an excellent driver, but there are many horrible drivers on the road and many are distracted from text messages to grooming, and when you included alcohol, basically tomorrow is not promised to anybody.

"How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?" ~ Romans 10:14

Videos Of Street Evangelists Dealing With The Subject Of Abortion

Watch how Ray Comfort, of Living Waters, uses the reality of the Holocaust to awaken people in regards to their views on abortion and on their own salvation.

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