Common Objections and Various Responses - Under Construction

From Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the "Prince of Preachers":

"Oh," says one, "I do not believe in him." What do you believe in?-for whatever you believe in, try to use it for the good of your fellowmen. I would like to see you sending city missionaries from street to street to preach what you do believe in. Come, be reasonable and do something more than find fault. Some are so fond of pulling down. Would they try a little building up? Come, then. You say that we Christians are doing no good. Just try your own hand at it. Go to the dying: go to the sick; take them bottles of your philosophy, and comfort them with the elixir of scientific doubt. Go ahead! If somebody says that the current system of medicine is faulty, we reply: - Very well, sir; have you found the right medicine? "Yes." Then distribute it, train physicians, and build hospitals. Get to work at it. Why not? Now, you that do not believe in God or Christ, send your own missionaries abroad. Enlighten the heathen by telling them that there is no God, no sin, no hell, no heaven, no soul, no anything. Go into the center of Africa, and win them from their bloody superstitions by the doctrines of science. Go ahead. If you have a gospel do not hide it. What? You have no zeal in that direction. But why not? There is no particular use in it, is there? Not worth spending your money on. Miserable comforters! Wretched physicians that cannot heal! But now, if you want to know whether there is power in the cross, ask a city missionary to let you go with him for a day. Pitch on the right man, and go and see for yourself. He will show you what the doctrine of the cross can do in comforting, in sobering, in cheering, in elevating. "I do not believe it," says one. No one said you did. I will, however, venture to observe that, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." A good, old English proverb, my dear sir. Here is a ship filling with water, and you do not believe in pumps. Very well. I am going on pumping. You are anxious to discuss. Discuss away, but meanwhile I pump. Let every Christian man here make practical use of the cross of Christ, and keep on at it; and if men will not even take the trouble to enquire what are its results, their disbelief is irrational and inexcusable, and they must take the consequences. Our skirts are clear of their blood. ~ Is It Nothing To You? By C. H. Spurgeon

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